Wind Turbines

Pfister Energy offers custom wind power energy solutions to help businesses offset increased demands and escalating costs of electricity. This sustainable and renewable energy system is able to generate and distribute electricity at a wide variety of locations and industry-types. We specialize in building-integrated vertical axis wind turbines. These lightweight turbines are easily integrated into any building or landscape’s architecture. They work well in both fractured urban wind environments and in low-wind regimes.

The Advantages Of Wind Energy

  • Offset escalating electricity costs
  • Deploy a clean fuel source
  • Flexible mounting options that require little surface area
  • Wind is an abundant source of energy
  • Cost effective, lower cost form of solar energy

How Do Wind Turbines Work?

明升体育Wind turbines are positioned on top of buildings or on high poles to “collect” high winds. The wind turns the blades of the wind turbine, which spin a shaft, which connects to a generator. The generator converts the rotational movement into electricity at medium voltage. A transformer then increases the voltage to make storage and transmission of your power easier and less prone to power loss. Whether the wind is blowing at 6 mph or 135 mph, the omni-directional wind turbine is designed to align itself with the direction of the wind and wind speed to maximize power output.

Who Should Use Wind Energy?

Wind Energy is feasible for sites with an average annual wind speed of 10mph or higher and those which have conducive local incentive programs.

  • Commercial, municipal and industrial users who pay the highest rates of electricity.
  • Remote locations and communities where the cost of energy is extremely high.
  • Businesses and communities where diesel generators supply electricity.

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