Commercial Solar and Roof Replacement

What if you have to remove and reinstall your commercial solar panels for a roof replacement?

Most solar companies don’t offer roofing services —Pfister Energy does. Re-roofing is commonly done alongside a solar installation and we can offer you free cash for your new solar roofWe also fix or replace your existing solar roof.  Fixing or replacing an existing solar roof requires a different skill set and training than those needed for installation and construction. Pfister Energy’s team of certified engineers and technicians specialize in commercial, industrial, and utility scale scale solar repairs and replacement.

Pfister Energy provides a free on-site evaluation for your existing solar roof

  • Help find available tax credits and incentives
  • Check for existing solar panel warranties
  • Free assessment and recommendations for other environmental savings

Even if Pfister Energy was not your original installer, we can provide operations and maintenance services for installations that aren’t our own.

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