New York Local Law 92 and Law 94

New Roofs Must be Sustainable

NYC LOCAL LAW 92 AND 94 – On November 15, 2019, New York City issued a service announcement introducing local law 92 and law 94 mandating that all new buildings or any modifications to existing buildings must utilize solar panels or be covered with a green roof system.

Buildings with solar panels are already contributing to the primary goal of the , which is helping NYC move closer to using renewable energy sources. These owners and builders can reap the benefits of solar energy with little to or no up-front costs. 

Green roof systems do not produce any power; however, they offer cooling and insulation. They also mitigate water runoff and sewer overflows by absorbing and filtering water. Green roofs also are suitable for the habitat and look aesthetically pleasing.

offers building owners the multiple options to choose which sustainable roof system is best for their building. Solar Photovoltaics may be more beneficial for buildings with space constraints, zoning restrictions, or sun interference caused by other buildings. If that doesn’t apply, then green roofs would be a better option.

As part of Pfister Energy’s stackable energy technology solutions, integrating other renewable energy sources into the building like battery storage will help provide additional energy and efficiency when needed.  Prister Energy is your one stop choice for solar, green roof, design and construction.

Animation of Green Roof
Clinton Street Lofts