Fuel Cells

明升体育A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that combines hydrogen fuel and oxygen from the air to produce electricity, usable heat and water. Fuel cells produce Direct Current (DC) electricity without the conventional combustion reaction.

Fuel cells have the ability to provide ultra-clean power without interruption. Fuel cell power plants generate more electricity per unit of fuel than most other energy sources. Efficiency is increased when combined with other renewable energy technologies, such as wind and/or solar.

明升体育Fuel cells qualify under several environmental certifications, making them eligible for financial incentive programs, such as the Investment Tax Credit. By locating a power plant on-site, users are assured reliability, necessary for applications such as hospitals, universities, manufacturing facilities and hotels.

Pfister Energy offers high-efficiency fuel cell power plants for the production of on-site, distributed energy and backup power applications. Fuel Cell systems are an efficient, clean and quiet means of generating energy using natural gas or renewable sources, without the need to first create hydrogen in an external fuel processor.

Pfister Energy will assess your building’s energy needs and provide a customized energy plan that works for your facility and your budget. We offer cost effective purchase or financing options as well as assistance with federal and state rebates and incentives.

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