Statistics show that the buildings sector is the primary energy consumer in the U.S. Did you also know that New York State and New Jersey are offering funding for energy storage projects for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Government entities? This could be, for example, a battery for electricity storage or fuel cell technologies at your factory, office site or school. We can walk you through how an energy storage project at your location could qualify for funding by assessing eligibility, installation requirements and terms and conditions as well as manage the project from concept to completion.

Pfister Energy can show you how you can use energy efficiency and energy management solutions to reduce concerns about the stability of our energy grid, fluctuating energy prices, and the impact on our environment. We can provide a no-cost, no-obligation energy audit to assess how much energy your facility/property consumes and evaluate what measures to take to make your building more energy efficient. We will identify opportunities that will help you save significant amounts of money over time. 

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